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  • The company runs management staff dormitories, where the dorms are well-appointed. They not only provide comprehensive living amenities for employees to enjoy safe, comfortable and convenience service after a hard day’s work, but also help to relieve the employees’ working fatigue and help them balance their work and personal life.

  • To enhance the big Waffer family’s harmony, and to solidify the bonds of ever member of the big Waffer family, the company actively stages a variety of employee interactive activities on traditional Chinese holidays, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival’s open house carnival and performing evening gala; the Spring Festival’s banquets, employee lucky draw activities and so forth, all with the aim of availing out-of-town employees to enjoy the warmth of a home. Moreover, the company also initiates special activities for particular seasons, such as the spring tug-of-war contest, which not only tests stamina but also enhances team unity. The initiation of various activities has been made to highlight the company’s appreciation for the associates’ contribution to the firm, and to enhance mutual interacting opportunities.

  • The company runs a comprehensive award/reprimand system, and all employees who perform well at work have opportunities to receive awards. The company routinely stages “employee forums”, which act as a communication bridge between management and frontline workers. Furthermore, the company actively promotes employee voluntary innovation spirit by providing a specific platform for employees with patent inventions or on special projects to expand their stage of performance, and employees receiving the award are not only entitled to the bonus reward system and their honorary achievements being posted on the Company Web site, there is also an appreciation certificate conferred upon them by company executives in appreciation and recognition of their devotion.

  • As new recruit training serves to avail employees to understand the company, and identify with critical company links, the program design thus covers more than company rules, regulations and systems, and safety training, but further emphasizes the aspects of corporate culture, psychological development, quality demands and so forth to provide employees with a comprehensive understanding of the company, enabling employees to swiftly integrate into the company as a large family and identify with its organizational culture.

  • To develop a professional management team that can more precisely carry out company policy and objectives, a common language and communication mode has been instilled for company management, enabling all company associates be able to focus on steadfast company growth.

  • To enhance employees’ professional skills and know-how and individual career planning on the routine work, the company stages common courses suitable for employees of all levels on a monthly basis, and employees can voluntarily select courses that interest them to enrich their lives besides working while gaining knowledge.

  • To cultivate employees’ voluntary learning ambience, study workshops are staged starting with the supervisors on a quarterly basis to further perfect the development of a learning-based organization. Waffer Technology’s orientation training mode entails more than conventional classroom and on-the-job training, but also includes retaining outside professional lecturers to provide onsite training; in addition, the company has introduced an internal lecturer system, developing a second skill for all employees, and so forth without being confined to any specific form, with the aim of achieving the training objectives of total learning and sustainable growth. Waffer Technology is fully convinced that only through the ongoing enhancement of employee proficiency that satisfies employees’ learning growth needs can employees truly understand the company’s respect and recognition of their value, and in turn avail employees to truly identify with the company operating philosophy and core values, helping employees reach constant growth and self-realization!

    Waffer technology are convinced that only by improving the quality of staff, to meet the needs of employees learn to grow, people can truly understand the company to the value of respect and affirmation, prompting the staff to the company's business philosophy and core values highly recognition, let employees grow and self-realization.

  • Catering to different needs in each year, and supporting the company’s long-term development needs, relevant specific courses are offered as coordinated to the developmental training program, aiming to assist employees with constant growth and competitiveness enhancement.

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